Why is cargo insurance so important?

Regardless of your mode of transport, traditional carrier liability is limited and is usually calculated by kilo. Local and international law, as well as conventions governing your contracts of carriage, often exclude or at least limit the claims compensation available to you as a customer.


  • Airfreight (Montreal Convention) 19 SDR* per kg
  • Seafreight (Hauge Visby Rules) 2 SDR* per kg or 666,67 SDR* per package
  • Overland (CMR) 8,33 SDR* per kg
  • Rail (CIM) 17 SDR* per kg

 *SDR is defined as Special Drawing Rights

Insuring your goods has never been so easy

We handle every shipment with the utmost care and attention, but of course there will always be risks associated with the transportation of goods. Sometimes there are factors out of our control that cannot be foreseen which can lead to goods being damaged or lost.

Our extensive experience of international logistics puts us in a unique position to be able to tailor a range of insurance products to suit any requirement. Plus, due to our high volumes, they come at competitive rates. Our in-house insurance specialists in 30 countries are able to match our flexible insurance solutions to your requirements.

In addition, if any damage or loss does occur, insuring with us means that the process of making a claim is much easier.

Key Benefits

  • Competitive premiums
  • Door-to-door coverage, including loading and unloading
  • Premium added on freight invoice per shipment
  • Security via our top class insurance partners
  • Compensation up to full insured value of your goods regardless of cause or fault by carriers
  • Minimal administration with Kuehne + Nagel insurance
  • Insurance certificate generated via advanced integrated e-insurance solutions and printed by Kuehne + Nagel

For more information on our cargo insurance solutions, please contact us.

We offer 3 types of insurance under the ‘KN Sure’ product:

  • KN Sure SPOT  - Simple yet comprehensive cover for one-off shipments
  • KN Sure FLEX  - Covers all shipments handled by Kuehne + Nagel, as well as the flexibility of opting out at any time
  • KN Sure FIX - Covers ALL shipments, not only those handled by Kuehne + Nagel. This can be done via our user friendly online e-insurance solution or an annual insurance policy.

For more information on our cargo insurance solutions, please contact us.